Batteries | Care & Cleaning


Free Batteries for Life!

If your pair of NiteSpecs® is in need of replacement batteries, either visit the store where you purchased them – or simply send us a self-addressed stamped envelope to: NiteSpecs Batteries, P.O. Box 1560, Ross, CA 94957, and we will send you a replacement set for free! Alternatively, most grocery, drug or battery stores, should have these lithium batteries (CR927 3V) in stock.


NiteSpecs® Battery Replacement

Designed to provide 50-70 hours of use, each pair of NiteSpecs® is sold with installed batteries – plus an extra set of replacement batteries (two CR927 3V for each temple/side). Battery replacement is easy: simply locate the battery compartment inside each temple, slide the battery cover up (as shown here), and swap out dead cells for new ones. You’re ready to read in the dark!


General Care & Cleaning

To ensure the longevity of your purchase, please follow these guidelines to help provide maximum protection to your eyewear:

• Rinse the lenses in warm water or use any quality lens cleaner with a soft cloth

• Avoid using paper towels or other similarly abrasive materials to dry your eyewear

• A skilled eyewear specialist can make any necessary fitting adjustments for you


ChefSpecs® Enhanced Cleaning Options

• Fold them into their closed position

• Place them in the top rack of your dishwasher, unencumbered by dishes or glassware

• Run the dishwasher on gentle/light cycle, without heat — or remove them before the heat/drying cycle begins

• Polish them dry with the included microfiber cleaning cloth