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Welcome to Specs, etc®!

What's our story? It's pretty simple... After recognizing I could no longer read a recipe without using reading glasses (and never having a pair in the kitchen where I wanted them, when I needed them), I came up with the idea of ChefSpecs. Kitchen readers, always where you need them!

ChefSpecs were created to help you keep your glasses in the kitchen – the cool magnetic caddy makes it a cinch to keep them on the fridge or by the stove, while the spoon embellishment reminds you to leave them there! The best part – inevitable smudges and goo can be cleaned by popping them in the dishwasher on the no heat setting! Once cleaned, you can dry and polish them with the included microfiber cloth before putting them back into the storage caddy for the next use.

Following the introduction of ChefSpecs, and my realization that I could no longer read without glasses, it seemed there were lots of situations “regular” reading glasses just weren't quite enough.  Reading menus in dimly lit restaurants, trying not to disturb my sleeping husband when I wanted to finish my book, or reading on a plane without disturbing my neighbor, finding the breaker on the fuse box, to name a few!  If only I had just a little more light, I thought…   With that in mind, NiteSpecs were launched!

The process of finding uncommon solutions to annoying problems is my passion. In fact, 30 years ago I founded Japonesque Professional Makeup Supplies by offering practical, fun, easy access solutions to storage and organization problems faced by professional makeup artists. Although I sold that business, here at Specs, etc.  I bring the same sensibility to reading glasses – versatile, innovative and distinctive designs with a twist!

I hope you enjoy your purchase!

Paula Forberg Beritzhoff       


100% woman owned and operated.

Contact: info@chefspecs.com