NiteSpecs: Black LED Readers

$ 19.95

Designed for men and women, NiteSpecs LED readers are a great-looking, quality solution to the problem of reading or working in the dark. Just flick the discreet switch (located under both the left and right sides), and remarkably bright LED lights will be targeted to your task at hand – allowing you to work (or play!) when lighting is less-than-ideal! Not just readers, NiteSpecs are a clever combination of reading glasses and focused lighting perfect for just about any task: menus in dimly lit restaurants, programs at the theater, checking the fuse box and of course ideal for letting him (or her) sleep while you read in bed (or on the plane)! Perfect for any time you need focused light and magnification at the same time.

Read.  Write.  Stitch.  Cook. Knit.  Measure.  Repair. Travel. Create. Camp. BBQ. Play Music.


Batteries are pre-installed and last approximately 50-75 hours. Bonus replacement batteries and NiteSpecs case included. Now you can read any time (even in the dark) with NiteSpecs!

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