NitespecsĀ® Lighted LED Readers

NiteSpecsĀ®, the original lighted reading glasses, designed to last. By day, NiteSpecs LED lighted reading glasses are simply great looking, classic readers available in 7 terrific colors. But at night? That's when they shine! With discreet LEDs, NiteSpecs allow you to work (Or play. Or stitch. Or BBQ. Or repair) in the dark. Not just readers, they are a clever combination of reading glasses and focused lighting, perfect for menus in dimly-lit restaurants, programs at the theatre, and ideal for letting him (or her...) sleep while you read in bed (or on the plane)! Click on the photos below for a look at all of our unique reading glasses -- great style and function, our readers do more than just magnify!

Read. Write. Stitch. Cook. Measure. Repair. Travel. Create. Camp. BBQ.